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Versioning of Trees

Working with the idea of these flat trees. They feel much more theatrical and painterly, which could be a good thing with the right piece. However, I’m not sure that they’re working here. Granted these are just quick pieces to look at the idea, and maybe I will continue to experiment, but I don’t think they’re visually strong enough to support the work on their own. Maybe more as a garnish on something else with more ideas in play… Works well, -ish, as a backdrop to my name. And maybe that is all they will ever act as, a backdrop. More likely it will just continue to be what it originally was, a quick visual place holder for more elaborate and detailed trees. None the less, enjoyed exploring the idea a bit, and maybe they’ll make a reappearance in future work. Could be fun just to disperse the 105 ¬†little trees around town.

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Artistic Influences

Artistic Influences

New piece in progress. I feel as though I came to it organically, but at the same time I feel like it is referencing something very specific, but I can’t quite put my finger on what, or who.
The trees at the top are flat. They were just a stand in as I worked on more detailed trees. Once they were in place however, I like them. They are so different from the rest of my work, as is this piece in general. The whole piece is relatively flat, wall mounted, and balanced on a central pin. It can rotate. I like the direction it is headed, into new territory certainly, yet at the same time referencing my previous work, particularly my experience in theatre. This piece is going to be very different from my others, in many ways, but particularly in that it is meant to be viewed from a distance, with less of an inclination to come in close… at least thus far. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. It feels similar to my work as a scenic artist in theatre. I also feel like there have got to be very direct references to different artists to whom I must have been exposed, but I can’t bring them to mind. If anyone has any suggestions on other artists to look into, let me know.

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