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Versioning of Trees

Working with the idea of these flat trees. They feel much more theatrical and painterly, which could be a good thing with the right piece. However, I’m not sure that they’re working here. Granted these are just quick pieces to look at the idea, and maybe I will continue to experiment, but I don’t think they’re visually strong enough to support the work on their own. Maybe more as a garnish on something else with more ideas in play… Works well, -ish, as a backdrop to my name. And maybe that is all they will ever act as, a backdrop. More likely it will just continue to be what it originally was, a quick visual place holder for more elaborate and detailed trees. None the less, enjoyed exploring the idea a bit, and maybe they’ll make a reappearance in future work. Could be fun just to disperse the 105 ¬†little trees around town.

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