IRC Mural


The IRC Mural was commissioned by the Greensboro Mural Project  through a Kickstarter project benefiting the Interactive Resource Center  in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina.

The Interactive Resource Center, or IRC, at 407 E Washington Street, is a community resource center for the homeless or those in danger of becoming homeless. It includes such resources as job placement assistance, food and housing program assistance, food drives, showers, laundry, phone and computer access, medical assistance, community events, etc. It is located just down the street from the train and bus depot, on the eastern edge of downtown.

The mural is based on key concepts gather from over 100 surveys taken of city residents and clients of the IRC. The final design is of a series of train cars topped by various forms of housing, travelling forward as a community, led by the engine car, the IRC logo. The back ground is a colorful representation of a map of the Greensboro area surrounding the IRC.

The wall is 60+ feet in length, and 15 feet at its highest point. Justin Poe provided mock-ups of the designs, which where shared, revised, then approved by the IRC, at which point funding and volunteer coordination began. The Kickstarter, entitled “Home is where the Mural is” was successfully funded beyond its goal inside of its ten day time frame. Justin Poe then led volunteers on a several month process of mapping out the wall, quite literally, with a backdrop of the city street grid, layered with a frontal layer of imagery based on the surveys taken during the design process.

For more information:

Greensboro Mural Project

Interactive Resource Center

Kickstarter/Home is where the mural is!


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One thought on “IRC Mural

  1. Your work is incredible. The IRC is such a special place- this mural strongly enhances that.

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