I want my work to evoke a sense of insight into an unseen or perhaps only unnoticed world that exists all around us. I love the comparative relationship of Man vs. Nature, and often feel that such a distinction is a purely man-made construct. In reality the environment is built and grown, created and destroyed by both man and nature. This system of constructive chaos instills in me a Zen-like sense of well being that I wish to share through my work. This conflicting yet harmonious relationship is apparent to me on all levels of size and scale, however it most often stands out on a miniature scale. One might see a bit of trash that has been colonized by ants and moss, and the realization that I would like to inspire is that neither the ants nor the moss care that their environment is littered, rather it is just an integral aspect of their lives. On this scale there is a sense of exotic wonder that enthralls me, that makes me think about people who assume that there is nothing of wondrous beauty in an empty construction lot. In fact there is. There are great planes, canyons, and feats of engineering mastery that we can only marvel at, magic that can only happen on a miniature scale that we cannot conceive of in everyday life. In much the same way, on a larger scale, I will see older buildings, gas-stations, and houses that are falling apart, overrun with ivy, crumpling foundations, and I see it as equally beautiful. There was a life that was lived in these places, and yet it has passed and new lives are now taking place. The environment first shifted to accommodate humans, and then again to accommodate mold, it’s all natural beauty. We think of the human self as being “life-sized”, but life is occurring on all levels. I have chosen to depict the human built environment, our “life-sized” world, on a micro scale, where I find so much fascination. On the other hand, if we were to step back and look at our constructed world from a great distance, everything would have the intricacy and fragility of what is present in that empty construction lot. Simple, elegant, constant, beauty is there. Just look closer.

One thought on “Philosophy

  1. Wow wow wow wow.

    “neither the ants nor the moss care that their environment is littered, rather it is just an integral aspect of their lives.”

    That was beautiful. That’s a nice way of saying your perspective determines how you look at the world. Very interesting stuff.

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