Justin Poe

935 Dorchester Place, Apt. 204

Charlottesville, VA 22911


Justin Poe is originally from Trilby, Florida, and moved to North Carolina with his family seven years ago. He is a Guilford College Graduate with a BA in Technical Theatre and a BA in Sculpture. Currently residing in Charlottesville, Virginia, he plans on the continued pursuit of art and potentially attendance at a the University of Virginia Graduate School of Architecture.

Artist Resume



4 thoughts on “Biography

  1. rslease says:

    I saw your work today and absolutely enjoyed every piece. One has to get close and personal to see it all, but the size and composition give one the ability to see the work from the perspective of an eagle (or alien space ship if you prefer). It was fun getting involved with your work.

  2. Martha Loomis says:

    I think your work ranks up there with William Christenberry’s and Cy Twombly’s sculpture. Superb. Am new to the area, saw your work at Art Mongerz on South Elam in Greensboro. Will be following you.

    • justinpoe says:

      Much appreciated! If you are ever in Midlothian, VA I have some work on display at Bella Arte as well. I’ve recently moved to Charlottesville and am still in the process of finding the best venue, but I’ll let people know once I do. This blog is super out of date and I’m hoping to get a lot of new stuff posted soon. I really appreciate the support!

  3. Brittany says:

    I was on a walk in Greensboro today and was rather down. Your artwork on the entrance to a house near UNCG really brightened my day! Thank you.

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