Monthly Archives: November 2012

Jewelry for Sale

I have a new line of Jewelry for sale. In much the same language as my recent sculpture, these wearable artworks play with scale and context of environment. Made of primarily recycled materials: Laminated cardboard rings, card-stock houses, wire and sawdust trees, etc. In many ways, I have thought of this series as very much an extention of the rest of my ‘real’ art. It’s been a wonderful testing ground for tree building techniques, not to mention tackling the issue of structural stability when it comes to something that will be worn all day. While I have done my best to water proof them, I wouldn’t recommend scuba diving, mostly because the krill would likely try to set up house. Enjoy!

Small House Pendant, SOLD

House With Tree Pendant, $40.00

Two Houses With Tree, large pendant or ornament, $50.00

Informal Leaning Broom Bonsai, medium pendant, SOLD

Formal Upright Bonsai, medium pendant, SOLD

Informal Upright Bonsai, medium pendant, SOLD

Pair of Fall Trees, medium pendant, $35.00

If interested in making a purchase, please email me directly at:

If interested in a piece that has already been sold, just email me and I’d be happy work with you and make a custom piece in a similar style/size.

Thanks for looking! More to come very soon.